Before opening the Extension Parlor, I started my career as a hair extension specialist at the age of 17. Aside from styling and working in fast paced salons, I’ve styled on numerous sets, honed my skills in high-end events and weddings, and have been featured in hair extension magazines. My true passion has always been helping women transform both aesthetically and emotionally through hair extensions. Hair extensions are undeniably a great investment; a ‘never-regretted’ journey towards heightened pride, femininity, and overall well-being. The perfect addition to any head of hair- whether it be to make your hair longer, fuller, or just to add color- hair extensions are the ultimate accessory for the ultimate woman.

I have devoted myself to hair extensions for over 10 years, and after perfecting my practice, I felt it was time to create my own personal salon dedicated solely to my craft. The Extension Parlor is a safe and sound escape where women can talk freely about their hair needs and – of course – life, because as you know, your hairstylist is your therapist and friend.

The Extension Parlor is my pride and joy, and a place loyal to hair extensions and helping women be their best self. I look forward to being part of your beautiful transformation.